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Gary Brunson

Gary Brunson is CEO of Clear Focus LLC, offering client specific consulting services focused on generational transfer of family, leadership development, and infrastructure systems evaluation and redesign. He was an operations manager in the financial services industry for ten years. During this time he carried various responsibilities including life insurance and retirement products, management development, internal divisional restructuring, divisional and corporate strategic planning, and marketing and sales.

In 1989, Gary started his own consulting company, specializing in the use of behavioral assessments for enhancing individual and team performance, effective hiring, conflict resolution, and leadership redeployment. Gary has degrees from Bluffton College, University of Virginia, and University of Notre Dame, in education, communications, applied psychology and business.

His work with companies has resulted in restructuring the management team of a $ 35 million company to position it for growth to its current size of $ 100 million in 3 years. He has, over a three year period, guided the successful growth of a multiple corporation, family owned business to transition from the second generation owner, to the third generation owner executive, while strengthening family relationships, reorganizing company structure, and developing internal leadership strength for this company to grow several times larger over the next 3 years.

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